Quality system

Quality is a key indicator of the competitiveness of ZiO Group products and services, as well as a

guarantee of well-being for the company as a whole and separately for each employee.

We constantly:
  • Increase satisfaction with the activities of our enterprises and quality of our products of all interested parties: consumers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and society;
  • Create conditions for training and development of personnel, increasing their competence; We encourage all employees to understand their role in the quality system, consciously comply with requirements of existing documents and take personal responsibility for the quality of their work;
  • Involve all employees in quality improvement work with the leading role of managers;
  • Provide necessary resources to achieve the strategic goal;
  • Taking into account the important role of suppliers and partners in the activities of enterprises, we develop mutually beneficial relationships with them, involve them in joint work to improve product quality and logistics processes;
  • Introduce modern methods, technical means and progressive technologies that improve quality, ensure high reliability and safety of products.

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